Monday, February 6, 2012

Shooting Macro Photography - Take a Closer Look

One of the best things about digital photography is the ability to take as many pictures as you want to experiment and be creative. Shooting macro photography is just one awesome way to get really creative and it's so much fun.

When I used to shoot weddings, I used my macro lens to shoot ring shots and it's was always one of my favorite things to shoot. Lately I've been looking around the house to see what other stuff I can take pictures of. Once you start thinking on the macro scale of things, all kinds of photo opportunities appear! Note to self: take macro lens and find blue dumpster.

Don't have a macro lens? Some lenses have a "macro" setting and even though it won't get you super close like an actual macro lens, you can still try your hand at shooting in macro.  Just try shooting as close as possible and focus on the little details.  If you have a macro lens, even better!

You could take a picture of a vintage camera:

Or you could get real close:

You could photograph this pretty pretty globe:

Or you could get even closer and focus on where you live:

You could take a picture of a guitar... (guitars are cool, just sayin')

Or you could capture some up-close details (my rockstar husband approves.)

Next time you're out, take a closer look at the details around you... what kind of things would you shoot in macro?