Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Creative Photography Tips For Beginners

Digital photography is so much fun. I love that you can be creative, capture emotion and become completely absorbed in the little things. The more pictures you take, the more creative you become and if you look at things with your creative eye, there's something to photograph anywhere! And people wonder why I get excited about blue dumpsters.

One day I set out to find some great examples of seeing things creatively. We were driving through the city when I spotted this colorful brick wall. Sure, it had a some kind of tooth painted on it... and yeah I guess a sick puppy. But it had potential and that's all you need!

Here's the typical "take it as you see it" photo...

This photo is great, but why not get really creative? Start shooting from different angles, walk around, fill the frame, look for interesting colors and textures. Now that's seeing things with your creative eye. So you could take a picture like that... or like this:

And you could take a picture like this (yep that's a sick puppy) or you could do this...

So the next time you're out taking pictures, what will you see? Will you see a colorful wall? Or something more?